Portland Weather

Portland weather can be very different depending on the season, and Portland does have 4 distinct seasons. During the summer, weather in Portland is known to be warm with very little humidity. During the months of November through February, it gets 50% of its annual rainfall. So here is what you really need to know about Portland’s weather.

  1. Portland has little to no rain between July and September with 144 days of sun per year.
  2. Of the 3 main cities in the NW (Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC), Portland has the warmest average temperature, the highest number of sunshine hours, and the fewest inches of rainfall and snowfall.
  3. The average high in July, Portland’s warmest month, is 79 degrees, and the average low in January, Portland’s coldest month, is 37 degrees.
  4. Contrary to popular myths, it only rains 155 days per year in Portland.
  5. Portland doesn’t usually get very cold, and only falls below freezing 33 days per year and only falls below 20 degrees 2 days per year on average.
  6. Portland rarely sees snow, and on average only receives 4.1 inches annually, which usually falls over a 2-3 day period. On top of that, 25% of Portland winters see no snow what so ever.